The Wenlock Group…

is a band comprising a Mac Mini running Logic Pro 10.6.3, a Korg SP-280 keyboard, and myself, all operating out of a corner of the dining room. It’s also, and at this point primarily (according to Wikipedia, reluctantly quoting the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica), “in geology…the middle series of strata in the Silurian (Upper Silurian) of Great Britain…in the Welsh border counties….”

The Wenlock Group’s output is entirely instrumental (lyric-free!), and is never created, recorded, or performed in real time. And, furthermore, it’s essentially self-published, through CDBaby. So, music of a lesser god. We’re fine with that. 🙂

Try the track excerpts below; Mac, Korg, and I thank you for taking a listen!


Zettagramm (2020)

Zettagramm is an eclectic anthology of rock, jazz, space piano, and chillout, with a faux classical organ fanfare thrown in.

You can find Zettagramm on BandcampApple MusicAmazonDeezerYouTube • just about every streaming and download service. (Sorry, no physical CDs for this one.)

1 Someday I: Proclamation (cathedral organ fanfare)

Someday I: Proclamation

2 Satsuma, P.I. (theme music for a non-existent TV cop show)

Satsuma, P.I.

3 Los Mimados (Latin-influenced rock)

Los Mimados

4 Geoff Aire (Retro Mix) (mid-1960s-ish pop)

Geoff Aire (Retro Mix)

5 Zettagramm (synth big band)


6 Sky Shelter (contemplative space piano)

Sky Shelter

7 Geoff Aire (Neo Mix) (remix of track 4, “live” from a Montreal club of indeterminate vintage)

Geoff Aire (Neo Mix)

8 Honeymoon (jazz piano trio +)


9 Brave Smile (chillout)

Brave Smile

Zettagramm music, graphics and content ©2020 by Dixon J. Jones. Songs registered with BMI, SoundExchange, and the US Copyright Office. Graptolites photo, Spirograptus spiralis, Silúrico de Guadalajara, scanned by Luis Fernández García, 2006/07/04 (cc-by-sa-2.5-es), from Zettagramm was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Milwaukee, WI.

Solstice of Seven Decades (TBA)

Solstice of Seven Decades will aspire to be a kind of New Agedly quiet and serious winter album. The tracks list below is tentative. Release date is…winter 2022?

1 Change Lane (lush, slow faux symphonic, cinematic 32-bar melody)

2 The Old Wood Carol (Celtic harp and tin whistle, accordion, bowed bass)

3 In Memoriam (solo piano)

4 Solstice of Seven Decades (lilting, minimalist, slow faux classical with piano and chamber orchestra)

5 Someday II: Reconciliation (half-speed, introspective ballad)

6 Sun Path Rising (another slow ballad, but with gentle, upbeat percussion)

7 A Walk in Midwinter (an orchestral fanfare theme re-imagined as a space piano meditation)

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Updated 22 April 2022