A chronology of continued square roots

“The theory of continued radicals is far from new, and M[onsieur] A. Bouché is not the first to have studied it.”

This is a rough translation of a statement made by M[onsieur] S. Realis in “SUR QUELQUES QUESTIONS PROPOSÉES DANS LA NOUVELLE CORRESPONDANCE, Question 142,” in Nouvelle Correspondance Mathématique, Vol. 3, 1877, Brussels, p. 193. The negative image at the top of the web page was extracted and modified from this journal page.

Realis’s dismissive comment concerns a work by Bouché from 1862.

Music &c

“He could play as much as he could draw, not very well according to professional standards, but much better than could have been expected.”

From the fourth paragraph of chapter 1 in The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler (1903), available, for instance, at Project Gutenberg.

Poems &c

“While poems may very well occur, they had very much better be caused.”

From a letter to Ronald Laine Latimer, Jan. 8, 1935. In Letters of Wallace Stevens, selected and edited by Holly Stevens with a foreword by Richard Howard, University of California Press, 1996, p. 274.

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