A chronology of continued square roots

“The theory of continued radicals is far from new, and M[onsieur] A. Bouché is not the first to have studied it.”

This is a rough translation of a statement made by M[onsieur] S. Realis in “SUR QUELQUES QUESTIONS PROPOSÉES DANS LA NOUVELLE CORRESPONDANCE, Question 142,” in Nouvelle Correspondance Mathématique, Vol. 3, 1877, Brussels, p. 193.

Realis’s dismissive comment concerns a work by Bouché from 1862.


“While poems may very well occur, they had very much better be caused.”

From a letter to Ronald Laine Latimer, Jan. 8, 1935. In Letters of Wallace Stevens, selected and edited by Holly Stevens with a foreword by Richard Howard, University of California Press, 1996, p. 274.

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Updated 5 Sept 2021.