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“He could play as much as he could draw, not very well according to professional standards, but much better than could have been expected.”

—Samuel Butler *

Sketches, drafts, proofs-of-concept…whatever these recordings are, I wouldn’t call them demos. They (or it, on this first upload) are pieces composed between 1970 and 2010. (As we know, things on this website are typically in preparation for decades.)

The word “Copyright” indicates that the recording has been registered with the US Copyright Office.

  • Someday I Proclamation Copyright 2019 by Dixon J. Jones. 1:49.
    Play MP3 (4.4mb).
    A piece from 1982.
  • Someday II Reconciliation
    In process; possibly available in early 2020. Parts I and II are variations on a stately march, perhaps an alternative to “Pomp and Circumstance”.

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