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These are instrumental pieces I developed (“composed” is overdoing it a bit) on piano between 1970 and 2010. (As we know, things on this website are typically in preparation for decades.) Since retiring, I’ve been pleasantly engaged in arranging and recording this music on an old Mac Mini, using an only somewhat less old Korg keyboard and Logic Pro.

The word “Copyright” indicates that the recording has been registered with the US Copyright Office.


Zettagramm Copyright 2020 by Dixon J. Jones. 4:29.
Version 2020-04-29a.
My current favorite. Some kind of pop tune, bold and synthy-brassy. It can handle being cranked up.

Satsuma, P.I. Copyright 2020 by Dixon J. Jones. 3:25.
Version 2020-03-19a.
Composed around 1988, this could be the theme for a non-existent 1977 TV crime show.

Geoff Aire Copyright 2020 by Dixon J. Jones. 2:34.
Version 2020-04-29a.
When this song got started in 1990, someone said, “That makes me think of Jefferson Airplane.” Hmm. Of course, no guitars here, and no Grace; but it could be 1966…

Someday I Proclamation Copyright 2019 by Dixon J. Jones. 1:49.
Version 2020-05-20a.
A piece from 1982 that initially aspired to be an alternative to “Pomp and Circumstance”. (Part II is below under “Really slow”.)


A Walk in Midwinter Copyright 2019 by Dixon J. Jones. 3:21.
Version 2020-02-21a.
A melody I’ve been humming since I was a kid…but back then, it was three or four times faster than it is now.

Honeymoon Copyright 2020 by Dixon J. Jones. 4:21.
Version 2020-04-21a.
To be filed under “idiosyncratic adult contemporary” or maybe “lo-res jazz”.

Companions Copyright 2020 by Dixon J. Jones. 5:56.
Version 2020-03-30a.
Digitally sampled steel string acoustic keyboard-activated New Age guitar.

In Memoriam Copyright 2020 by Dixon J. Jones. 5:27.
Version 2020-05-10a.
This developed in late 1985 and early 1986 during my dad’s final days…the church played a cassette tape of it for his funeral, I wasn’t up for performing it live. The cellos are a recent addition.

Really slow

These clock in at 60 beats per minute or less; they’ll put you right to sleep.

Someday II Reconciliation Copyright 2020 by Dixon J. Jones. 6:02.
Version 2020-05-28a.
After trying eleventy-seven arrangements, looking for that forlorn-ness hidden underneath the pomposity of Part I, this version with “Peruvian panpipes” might just do the job.

Sky Shelter Copyright 2020 by Dixon J. Jones. 7:05.
Version 2020-04-14a.
A folk-like lament, stretched out and stripped down into a spacey, minimalist chillout mix.

Change Lane 5:59
Two rounds of a 32-bar chord progression in a lush, slow, cinematic setting. Coming later in 2020, we hope…

More tunes are in the works, and revisions of the current ones are likely…if anything here appeals, feel free to check back once in a while to see what’s new.

And thanks for listening!

I especially thank my void-faced drummers Kyle and Austin; whoever sampled, cloned, or reverse-engineered a bass player known as Paul McCartney; and the wonderful South African Voices.

Pictured above: The insides of a Yamaha CP70B electric grand piano, my instrument from 1982 to 2019; had to sell it when I left Alaska.

Updated 29 May 2020.