Dixon J. Jones was born in the Territory of Alaska, about three years before it became a state. After earning a BA degree in mathematics from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1979, he returned to Alaska, worked for the US Postal Service as a mail carrier, and did freelance graphic design on the side. He was a graduate student in math at the University of Alaska Fairbanks from 1987 to 1989, but didn’t complete the master’s program; instead, he obtained a part-time graphic design position at UAF’s Rasmuson Library, which soon became full-time, and from which he retired in 2017.

He lives with his wife, Marion Avrilyn Jones, and their cats, Bug and Bartholomew, in Washington state.

PS: Various internet sites, like, have assembled dossiers on Dixon that are quite spectacularly and hilariously wrong. Caveat lector!